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to leave. he ran home and called the cox. he now can emphathize with his constituents in oakland. >> the heart is racing. your life could end at any moment. now i know how some people feel when they are the victims of a crime. i just was lucky. there are some people in our city had are victims of crime who are not lucky who are shot, who are permanently injured or murdered. >> youth should be part of the solution of violence in oakland. >> reporter: teenagers who grew one murderer ofs friends and families spent months trying to make their community a better place through filming video. >> using creativity to try to imagine alternatives to violence. >> reporter: this footage is only part of the project done by those students who are participants in a program at the ella baker center for human rights. the rest of the video is gone in the hands of two young men who robbed the filmmakers before $3,000 worth of camera equipment. >> while they were doing one of the video shoots on the street
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two people came up behind them with guns and the whole group backed away from the equipment and the equipment was all taken. >> reporter: the ella baker kids have put together a facebook page. they are hoping the community will help donate and help them get some new equipment. as for dan kalb, he says he has as much resolve as ever before running for city council just to -- this was just that sort of moment here in an area not known for crime in oakland where people are reminded that crime can be -- that crime can happen anywhere in this city at any time. joe vazquez, cbs 5. emergency crews knew they were responding to a fire in castro valley but once they were inside the burning home they now under more than smoke and flames. as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec explains, the suspicious fire has sparked a death investigation. >> anytime you have an accelerant with a body you have a suspicious circumstance. reporter: that means a suspicious fire and death
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according to investigators. the fire was reported at this home on san carlos avenue just after midnight when firefighters got here finding a woman's body inside and evidence that a fire accelerant had been used. they haven't said yet whether the woman died before or after the fire. >> she is by herself here. >> reporter: denise knows the woman and says barbara lives here with the homeowner a retired san francisco firefighter currently on a trip to utah. this is barbara's sister, who told me off camera that barbara and the homeowner were involved in a long happy relationship. >> we're going to pull out all the stops to make sure what we're doing is correct and if this was in fact a homicide that we have the upper hand on it. >> reporter: investigators also say it's possible that what happened here last night was a suicide. in castro valley, anne makovec, cbs 5. more bay area headlines. a berkeley fire burns down one home and damages another. the morning blaze started at a
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house in the 3000 block of deacon street near ashby avenue before spreading next door. fire officials say the one person inside the home did make it out okay. a nearby convalescent home was also evacuated due to the heavy smoke. no injuries were report. the search for a gunman had oakland's holy names university -- at oakland's holy names university campus came up empty. around 10:30 a.m. someone reported seeing a man with a gun. hundreds of people were evacuated as officers searched some 20 buildings. the campus reopened a few hours ago. and police in petaluma say they are looking for a 15-year- old girl who was possibly kidnapped by her godfather. investigators say 29-year-old hilario carmona and ruby mendoza reportedly had a sexual relationship. ruby was last seen getting into a car with her godfather yesterday afternoon. police aren't sure if she went willingly and efforts to find them have been unsuccessful. well, think of it as
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accidentally hitting "send" on an email only this one sent google stock into a tailspin. this morning, google released its third quarter financial numbers which included a big miss on target profits but that report was supposed to be released at the end of the day today. within four minutes, shares were down nearly $68 or more than 9%. that's about $20 billion lost in less than five minutes. >> i don't recall ever seeing this happen with a big company on wall street where the earnings are mistakenly released early. sometimes companies will release their earnings early if there is some rumors coming out so they release it based off of that or if they had really good news and wanted to provide it to the market earlier. something like this happening with the statement released earlier than it should this typically does not happen. wall street hates surprises like that. >> google hates it, too. they are blaming a printing company for the mistake. google's premature publication
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helped pull the nasdaq down 31 points. the dow closed down 8. well, a bright and hot day across the bay area today. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather center. paul, records were even broken. >> we had a few records broken today. we had a new record high in oakland and concord. everybody running 10 to 15 degrees above average but these were the records that were set today. the old record for oakland 83. today 86. the old record for concord 85. today 86 degrees. check out these temperatures. even at the coast, pacifica is at 82. napa current live 87. we have 90 in fremont. 80 for san jose. livermore is 87 and downtown san francisco is still baking at 84 degrees. so temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average. it changes as soon as tomorrow. details on that and a big change for next week is coming up in a few short minutes. >> thank you. if you saw the flash or heard the boom, it only lasted for a few moments. but now, the day after the big show in the sky, people are out
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looking for something timeless. cbs 5 reporter da lin joins us live from just outside martinez where the hunt is on. da. >> reporter: last night, people were asking, did you see it? and now they are asking, did you find it? we're in the east bay hills near martinez and we noticed a lot of amateur meteorite hunters are out here looking for fragments. reporter: astronomers say this meteor about the size of a car hit earth's atmosphere around 7:40 last night and fractions might have landed in the hills around martinez. that's got treasure hunters climbing all over the place looking for meteorite fragments. >> i was looking for something, looking for something dark, looking for something that might create a crater. >> meteorites do grab a little bit of money. >> reporter: michael kerwin came to mount wanda hoping to go home a richer man. >> did a little bit of research from last night to this morning finding the trajectory of it,
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about where it hit and the direction that it's going. so i've pretty good idea of where i might find some fragments. i could be wrong. >> reporter: can you share that information with us? [ laughter ] >> what, are you going to take away from my pocketbook or what? i have children to feed. >> reporter: some people came with binoculars. others came with bigger devices. michael -- michael came with a knife and magnet. >> i'm going to dig with it for that and i brought a regular speaker magnet to let me know that i've got iron ore. >> reporter: some people hiked for hours under the hot sun and came up empty-handed. they say they will be back this weekend for more digging. >> i saw nothing. boy, it's hard to find something in acres of hills that are all brown. >> reporter: it's a tough task trying to find objects about
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the size of this not very big in a big area here. it's tough to find them. >> how much are those little meteorites worth? obviously the bigger the better i would think when it comes to selling those things. >> if it's a big piece -- >> reporter: if it's a big piece some folks say it's worth thousands. some of people are looking for not just souvenirs but trying it strike it rich. >> thank you, da. >> you can see more videos and pictures taken of the meteor on our website, voting power among younger people. tonight, the new approach in the bay area to get students to the polls. >> something weather-wise that has not happened over the past four or five months will likely happen coming up next week. find out what it is and how it's going to impact you next in your forecast. >> a deadly rise in oral cancers and it's targeting younger men and women. the new culprit in this rare form of disease. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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meeting again tonight.. buts time campaign 2012 the two presidential candidates are meeting again tonight. but this time in a more pleasant setting. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney will speak at the annual alfred e. smith memorial dinner in new york. this event gives the candidates a chance to trade the bickering in for a little comedic relief. some expect them to poke fun at each other and themselves. it's organized by the catholic archdiocese and raises money for poor children. with election day less than three weeks away now, both candidates are once again focusing on a key demographic, young voters. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee with a look on a bay area university's efforts to get students engaged. grace. >> reporter: that's right, ken. you know, the biggest criticism of young voters is that they don't care and they don't vote. but we saw a huge uptick in 2008 with the obama campaign making a point to reach out to this demographic and he won 66% of voters 18 to 29. so why should candidates care about this demographic?
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because there are a lot of them. 46million, way more than seniors, and it's one of the reasons that dominican university is running a new hands-on curriculum hoping to inspire. technology is really great. it makes it seam lest. reporter: this is a snapshot on how to get college students engaged in civics according to this political science professor, allison howard. >> young people are often very cynical saying, oh, my ideas don't matter, my vote doesn't count. but i always tell them, if you think you're powerless, then you are. >> reporter: that's why she has asked her students to conduct their own exit poll on election day. they will head out to three polling sites in san rafael and corte madera and ask voters to answer 14 questions on their tablets ranging in subjects from voter preference to demographics. >> do women think differently? do minorities think differently? does age matter? does party matter? >> with the ipad and the exit poll, we're taking what we read from our books into real life.
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so that's the most exciting part. >> reporter: they are teaming up with the university of west florida and pensacola and merrimack college in andover, massachusetts. they will upload their information as they receive it instantly getting an early look at election results. >> especially in florida it's a swing state so it will be really interesting to see how their polls are coming back. >> reporter: so who do these students want to see in the white house and why? so who are you voting for, for president? >> obama. >> i'm voting for obama. >> i'm voting for mitt romney. >> reporter: and you? >> i'm currently undecided. >> health insurance is important to me because my mom couldn't get health insurance until his healthcare passed around so it's something that's on a personal basis important to me. >> i chose mitt romney because i'm just not happy with the last four years we have had. i think the economy is worse off. >> reporter: so the students i spoke with believe they are
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typical totally debunking the idea that youth voters are disengaged. and the two biggest issues this election year for them, getting a job out of college and paying off student loans. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. it's not just a risk for those addicted to tobacco. oral cancer is targeting a new group of people. why a growing number of young women are falling victim. ever trust a yelp review only to have the service let you down? coming up how yelp just made it easier to spot those companies that post fake reviews in tonight's consumerwatch.
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plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. but hurry! the best rest event ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ as c-b-s five consumerwatch rter julie watts tel it's long been suspected that some businesses pay for good online reviews. now there's proof. as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us, companies that are gaming the rating system are getting outed. reporter: how often do you use online reviews? >> every day. >> all the time. >> reporter: do you use online reviews? everybody uses them but don't necessarily trust them. would you be surprised to hear that four out of 10 online reviews are phony? >> oh, i believe it. >> would not be surprised. >> reporter: well, in an effort to change that, yelp is going undercover. >> we saw some ads on places like craigslist and others that
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were advertising, please write reviews and i'll pay you. >> reporter: so in a sort of sting operation, yelp employees responded to the ads which offer consumers as much as $200 in exchange for great reviews. but instead of one of those, they got one of these, a consumer alert label that will remain on their page for the next three months with the link to evidence that the business tried to buy bogus reviews. >> we found all kinds of businesses trying to do this, moving companies, jeweler, tour company operator. >> reporter: and yes, at least one of the companies was a paid advertiser which not only got slapped with a label but also lost its contract. yelp's automate filter already weeds out the 20% of all reviews believed to be questionable. but the new consumer alert goes one step further. in addition to educating the consumer, it sends a clear message to the businesses. >> that, hey, trying to buy fake reviews for your website isn't going to work. it's unethical and it's probably also illegal and we are going to let consumers know
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about it. >> reporter: now, yelp has long been accused of removing positive reviews from businesses that decline to pay them to advertise. but yelp insists it's a computer algorithm which decides which are displayed and hidden and doesn't distinguish between advertisers and those who decline. >> hm. i like the question, do you believe them? they kind of looked at you like -- hm. >> reporter: do you believe those reviews? some do, some don't. it depends who is writing the review. >> and they are helpful when you're in a new city and find a place to go. >> reporter: i always go straight to the negative reviews. if it's not that bad, trust. >> thank you. people across the nation stop to drop, cover and hold for the great shake-out today. millions of californians like these elementary school students practiced safety drills preparing for the next big quake in the bay area. and experts say with several faults including san andreas and hayward, it's only a matter of time when it will hit. a wise kid who won't keep
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his head down especially when the camera is right in front of him. don't look up. don't look up. hi, mom. >> it's always good for the kids and adults to know what to do. stock up at the store to be sure you have that three-day supply of supplies in your house and food, as well. here's what we have going on. we have a three-day supply of sunshine out right now with a backdrop of the bay bridge, very crowded 49ers traffic coming into the city. it is 84 degrees in san francisco, concord 86, livermore 87, san jose, santa rosa and oakland in the 80s. the strongest radar in the bay area is hi-def doppler coming up dry now but next week it will be used often because we'll have a lot of rain moving in. big change next week not in time for the big game. we have stanford and cal playing in berkeley on saturday. sunny and mild, 71 degrees your kickoff temperature. should be an excellent game and excellent weather. tonight san rafael 74. 54 for a low tonight. redwood city 54. mountain view 56. dropping down to the mid-50s for oakland, pacifica and san jose. should be a very pleasant
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evening but there will be some fog at the coast tomorrow. the pattern is already changing but it will take until tomorrow afternoon for you to really feel it. because we're going to be 10 or 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. all that's happening is high pressure is moving from the oregon coastline down to our west. that will bring back the onshore flow. and the onshore flow is mother nature's version of air- conditioning. we'll have that tomorrow. and it will continue over the weekend. highs on sunday will barely make it into the 70s for many of you. now let's fast forward to this rain chance. it gets here on monday. and it likely will stay here for about three days. monday rain. tuesday rain. next wednesday, rain. we're looking at about 1.5" of rain in total over three days coming up next week. the most rainfall we have seen since late last spring. so cooler tomorrow with some afternoon sunshine. that cooling will continue over the weekend with partly sunny skies and here comes the wet stuff monday through wednesday. next week. and the snow level is dropping down to 7,000 feet so all you skiers thinking about winter, getting a little taste of it coming up in the mountains. tomorrow concord 76 back down
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to normal. that's all we're doing tomorrow is going back to normal. 76 in san jose. sunnyvale 75 friday. beautiful day in palo alto. 75 degrees. san mateo down to 71 and the coast will return to the 60s including pacifica. antioch 79. livermore 80 tomorrow. pleasant hill 77. napa much cooler. upper 80s today only mid-70s tomorrow. novato 75 tomorrow wrapping up the workweek in alameda 71. and the city from the mid-80s all the way down to the mid- 60s. your extended forecast we haven't seen one like this for a while so look at your tv screen. rain monday after a cooler dry weekend with partly sunny skies. monday afternoon all the way through wednesday night there is a chance of rainfall with highs in the 60s. we likely will clear out starting thursday. we are coming up on a big anniversary of one of the biggest disasters ever to hit bay area. roberta gonzales is live with more on that. >> reporter: paul, this is gateway garden pavilion. this is an actual staging area for family and friends and neighbors of this buckingham neighborhood in the oakland
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hills. this staging area is the direct result of a lesson learned in the wake of that oakland firestorm. that lesson? that there was complete lack of any kind of communication between neighbors and family members. it was completely chaotic. so that is one lesson. we wondered about other lessons learned. so we called on oakland fire department battalion chief robert lipp. hear what he has to say about the lessons learned on the anniversary coming up with this oakland firestorm that's on cbs 5 tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, roberta. personal story here. my wife's friends lost their house in that fire and they recounted to me many a times the chaos that was there. people just didn't know what was going on and all this happened incredibly fast. >> it did. >> thank you. well, every hour of every day somebody in the u.s. dies from oral cancer believe it or not. it's deadly. and it's on the rise. the culprit a strain of hpv, the human papilloma virus.
5:22 pm
dr. kim explains. reporter: three women met today. >> look at that smile. that's just her smile. >> reporter: but remember a friend they loved and lost. >> the healthiest person i knew. she chose to live well. she just had that love inside her and that inner strength. >> reporter: her name, andrea fisher. at age 25 a few months before she got married, andrea noticed a sore in her mouth that wouldn't go away. the diagnosis? oral cancer. >> you just never felt that she was struggling with anything. she just was always there to give you a smile and support and hug. >> reporter: andrea had treatment, had three children, but the cancer kept coming back. >> a lot of surgeries, and i think that part is just so tough for a mom who is so incredibly strong and healthy and athletic. >> reporter: at 42, andrea died. heavy drinkers and smokers are at high risk for oral cancer. but she was neither. doctors believe andrea's oral cancer was caused by hpv, the human papilloma virus, the same
5:23 pm
virus linked to cervical cancer in women. >> these are starting to show up in patients who are in their 30s or in their 40s and they have lived healthy lifestyles, they exercise, they don't use anything that are considered toxic to their bodies. >> reporter: he is the head and neck surgeon at stanford. he believes in the next several years doctors will see more hpv- linked oral cancers than cervical cancer and that early detection through screenings is key. in addition to screening a, prevention is key and the family points to the hpv vaccine. lisa agrees saying if her friend had been vaccinated she might be alive today. >> too late to prevent it for our generation, but not for the next. >> reporter: now, to fight this deadly disease, get screened at every dentist visit but at least once a year. limit alcohol and tobacco use. make sure your lip balm has
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high spf. use safe sex. use condoms or abstain from oral sex. this saturday stanford medical center is offering free oral cancer screens. go to and click on health. >> not one we hear a lot. >> reporter: we need to talk about it. get checked out. >> thank you. we'll be right back. >> did the student accused of trying to blow up the federal reserve building in new york act alone or did he work for al qaeda? we're going to speak with a former classmate tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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he eagle award be i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. he was denied his eagle award because he is gay. tonight how the bay area teen is taking on the boy scouts and how his courage is being honored. >> plus, an exclusive look at a secret cold war weapon in the bay. tonight, ken bastida takes us on a tour inside.
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so we'll have that and more at 6:00. top secret. >> yeah. >> i'm still here to talk about it. [ laughter ] >> it's a secret. i can't talk about it right now. you have to wait. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> we'll look forward to that. thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather never a secret, always on captions by: caption colorado businesses.. that decline ty ,,,,,,,, thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me?
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